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protecting your pet against diseases

It goes without saying that regular vaccinations are crucial when it comes to protecting your pet’s health. But did you know that some canine and feline illnesses can be transferred to humans? To help ensure the health of your pet as well as the rest of your family, Centre Street Veterinary Clinic pleased to offer pet vaccinations in Calgary.

Beginning at 6 to 8 weeks of age, both kittens and puppies require multiple booster vaccines, along with regular deworming. 


We vaccinate cats against:

Viral Rhinotracheitis – a virus that causes an upper respiratory tract infection

Panleukopenia – also known as feline distemper, a strong virus that can be fatal

Calicivirus – a virus that causes an upper respiratory tract infection

Chlamydiosis – a bacterial disease affecting the respiratory tract

Rabies – an incurable viral disease that affects the central nervous system

Leukemia – a virus that can result in a number of serious health problems, the leading cause of death in North American cats


We vaccinate dogs against:

Distemper – a virus that is often fatal, it attacks many organs, including the nervous system, which can become permanently damaged, even if the dog recovers

Parvovirus – a virus that is highly contagious, young pups and elderly dogs are the most susceptible

Canine Hepatitis – caused by Canine Adenovirus Type 1, symptoms are similar to early stages of distemper

Parainfluenza – a highly contagious respiratory virus

Bordetella – also known as kennel cough, this upper respiratory infection that is easily transmitted from dog to dog

Lyme – transmitted by ticks, Lyme disease can cause chronic arthritis and sometimes death

Rabies – an incurable viral disease that affects the central nervous system

Are you planning on going out of town and taking your four-legged friend with you? Our clinic can provide you with the certifications and vaccines your pet needs for travelling. For more information or to schedule a vaccination, just give us a call!

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“They were so kind when I had to bring in my sweet rabbit, Hank, who had passed away. I'm picking him up tonight - his ashes. Wonderful place, thank you!”

- Sue K.

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“Best clinic I've ever been to with my fur babies! Staff is caring and kind. Only place I will take my babies to.”

- Jody D.

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“Only place we'll take our cats to.”

- Daft C.

Centre Street Veterinary Clinic

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